Support For Parents,  Family, & Friends

of Addicts and Alcoholics


If you and I haven’t yet had a conversation, you’re welcome to take advantage of a free 20 minute phone call with me. We can discuss your most urgent issue and you can judge whether or not you feel I can help you address the issues you face in dealing with your addicted loved one.
Go here to check my calendar for available times and send me an email requesting a 20 minute phone chat.

All 50 minute standard phone consultations are $75 and require pre-payment using PayPal.

I offer no guarantees. My only agenda is to help the addict and the addict’s loved ones break the chains of addiction. I take no referral fees. My only compensation is the fee I charge for the consultation.

Step 1. Before scheduling the consultation please check the calendar to see when I’m available.  Many of the people I talk with are already stressed out. I don’t want you to become upset because I’m not available immediately after you’ve purchased a consultation. I update the calendar daily.
Step 2. After you pre-pay for the Standard Consultation in Paypal, Paypal will automatically re-direct you to a confirmation page on this website.
Step 3.The link to the Calendar will be on that page as well. Consultations start on the hour or half hour and run for 50 minutes.
Step 4. Fill in the form on the confirmation page with your contact information, the date and time you wish your session to begin, any information you wish me to know going into the consultation, and the phone number you’ll be using to call in. That time will be reserved for you.
Step 5. You’ll receive an email from me confirming your consultation.
Step 6. Call me at the scheduled start time. It’s important you call on time because the session will end 50 minutes after the scheduled start time.