Support For Parents,  Family, & Friends

of Addicts and Alcoholics

Supporting an Addict in the Path to Recovery is Hard

You lie in bed at night sleepless, terrified they’ll die of an overdose, furious because they lie and steal from you to feed the addiction. You desperately want to help but don’t know what to do, what to say, where to find help or even where to find straight answers.

Information to Help You Help the Addict

In depth knowledge of the facilities, providers and programs for addiction recovery in Western Mass.

Extensive personal and professional experience navigating the bureaucracies of recovery programs and advocating on behalf of the addict.

Information on the many pathways to recovery. AA and NA have been around for a long time but don’t work for everyone. Now there are many alternatives.

Coaching to help you prioritize the steps you can take to help the addict you love.


No Hidden Agendas

I formerly worked full-time as a recovery coach helping addicts and alcoholics who had been admitted to the hospitals where I worked. I now offering consultation sessions to the family and friends of addicts who feel the need for a resource to help them understand what’s going on and to provide information on what they can do to help their child. Family support is often the key to the addict’s survival and start down the pathway to a lifetime of sobriety.

The pathway to recovery and a lifetime of sobriety can be long and full of missteps. I  offer no guarantees other than to pledge my only objective is to help the addict and the addict’s loved ones break the chains of addiction. I don’t receive any referral fees. My only compensation is the fee I charge for the consultation.

Support for You

As a former substance abuser, the parent of a long-term heroin addict, and a recovery coach, my consultative approach is compassionate but grounded in the real world of addiction.

I can coach you in sorting out what you can and can’t do so that “solving it” for the addict is no longer a part of your life.

I can offer help in understanding what’s going on in the mind of the addict in various stages of recovery. The behavior of the recovering addict can be infuriating if you don’t understand what’s going on.

“The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone else too much, and forgetting you are special too.” Ernest Hemingway

Hello! I’m Beth

MA State Certified Recovery Coach

Until 2020 I was employed full-time as a recovery coach in two Baystate Hospitals in MA, tasked to work with addicts and alcoholics who need and want support in recovering from substance abuse. I worked with patients who have been admitted to the emergency room, patients who have been admitted for treatment due to the effects of long term drug and alcohol abuse, and patients on the psychiatric ward for whom the secondary cause of mental illness has been identified as addiction. I also coached patients when they left the hospital if they wanted continued support.

As a recovery coach I oftened interacted with family members of the patients I coached. Family members often play a key part in the recovery process because they can offer encouragement and take the action (make the phone calls, set up appointments and look for resources) the addict can’t do for themselves.

Getting Started is Easy

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Consultations are 50 minutes long and provide you with the opportunity for an in-depth review of the issues you face.

My Approach

My approach to consulting with the family members of addicts has been developed through the course of hundreds of interactions with parents, lovers and friends of the addicts and alcoholics I’ve coached in the hospitals in which I work.

The questions, concerns and issues surrounding addiction are so many and varied I always begin by simply addressing the issues that have prompted you to contact me. In other words, we begin where you are.

As a former substance abuser and the parent of a heroin addict (now one year in active recovery), I bring empathy, compassion, and understanding for both the parent and the active addict to the conversation.

"Finally someone answered me. Thank you so much for your help; I needed You for Me."

"You are so kind, open, authentic and understanding. Thank you for being so honest with my motivation."

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Free 20 Min Chat

Get an answer to your burning question.

Assess if I can help you.

Book a Consultation

Consultations are 50 minutes long and provide you with the opportunity for an in-depth review of the issues you face.

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